An unusual guide through the magical Prague

Known as the city of the towers, Prague is attracting thousands of tourists every year on its streets that are rich in history, culture and architecture. The churches and historical squares of this city came under the influence of Romanticism, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, and immensely contribute to his charm.

If you are a lover in the tradition, we advise you to visit the Hotel Four Seasons, which is ideally situated along the Vltava River, and the old town, or the most visited tourist resort, is nearby.

For history lovers, Augustin Hotel, once a monastery, consisting of seven buildings, is the perfect option. Modernism became part of the historical buildings thanks to Olga Shelves that incorporated the elements of interior cubism.

Although Prague has a large number of museums, theaters and general cultural sites where you can spend your time, this city has a reputation for a haven for addicts from buying. Visit Paris Street to discover the best international luxury with the brands Dior, Versace, Hermes and many others.

Modern Czech fashion can be found in the Kurator boutique, located near the National Theater and Bethlehem Square.

The Old Town and its streets are the ideal site for buying souvenirs or for treasure hunting in numerous antiques. With Czech gastronomy you can get to know the restaurant La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise which is considered the best in the city, and the open kitchen will give you the opportunity to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

In Prague you will literally enjoy every street because you will find some fun activity. Visit the home of writer Frank Kafka and the museum dedicated to him or visit the original Beer Spa. In addition to the luxury offered, rich history and heritage, this city will surely lead you to visit again.


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