Top 5 Croatian islands that have to visit!

In order not to think too much about where to cool during hot sunny days in the next summer, we present you a few top destinations in Croatia. It’s about islands that definitely worth visiting and where you will have guaranteed entertainment and adventure.

Top 5 Croatian islands that have to visit!

1. Korchula

There are many legends, stories and monuments hidden behind the island of Korcula or Monte Korcula, which you will not be able to look elsewhere. Korcula is the island of the sea, the sun, the stone and the wine. The island’s population is mostly engaged in wine making, so today you can enjoy the best drinks there. The island has a specific location with lots of sunshine, and the rich tradition and the beautiful sea were the reason for the development of tourism. Numerous unusual bays, warm sea and sun, healthy Mediterranean food and good hosts made Korcula a famous tourist destination.

2. Brac

This island is the largest in Dalmatia and one of the largest in the Adriatic Sea with a location between Hvar and Split. In the world, Burch is famous for the production of the white stone used to make the most famous buildings such as the White House, Parliament in Vienna and Berlin’s Reichstag. During the summer period, this island has plenty to offer, activities and accommodation choices. There are so many options on this island to do something interesting so it’s impossible to find something that does not suit you. Pucca and Supetar are the biggest places in Brac. The main products are olive oil, wine and fruit. Starting from rich history and heritage, unique gastronomy, beautiful beaches, crystal sea, high quality accommodation and hospitality are all things that guarantee a perfect holiday that you will never forget.

3. Hvar

Hvar is one of the sunniest islands of the entire Mediterranean area, and past years is a favorite destination for too many tourists. It is located in central Dalmatia between Brac and Korcula. The island of Hvar spreads a lavender smell, which is grown there in combination with the smell of the Adriatic Sea. In the words of tourists who once visited this place, they say that they are returning there again. Hvar has a fantastic nightlife during the summer period, parties that last until the early hours. Also, guests can enjoy versatile cultural events as well as attend many music events if they are fans of classical music.

4. Mljet

Nature and history lovers, those who love secret stories and legends, lovers of crystal clear sea and snorkeling, untouched nature and top cuisine, must compulsorily visit Mljet. This destination is known as the Odyssey Island, because it is mentioned in the stories of Odysseus. On this island you can see the only natural phenomenon: in the middle of the island there are two connected lakes with sea water, where in the middle there is a larger islet with the old Benedictine monastery of the Holy Mother of God, which is otherwise the most important monument for Mljet.

5. Vis

This island is probably the cleanest part of the Adriatic, because it is the most remote island from the mainland. Visa’s attractions are mainly natural beauties, crystal clear and unpolluted sea, earth and air. On the south side there are interesting caves and beaches that originated from the waves of the sea. Those who are looking for peace and quiet, isolation from noise and noble natural beauty, Vis is the right choice. This is the perfect destination for couples who want to enjoy the intimate moments while on vacation. During the summer period this island gets a new life, various music events, sport fishing and other festivals are organized. Vis offers versatile culinary experiences, foods made exclusively from local ingredients. If you visit Vis, you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes and learn more about the everyday life of the population.


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