Top 10 most fun, cheerful and cheapest cities in the world

The “City Life Index” has created the annual list of cities offering entertainment and recreation to its residents and visitors, friendly hosts and affordable prices for services.

The criteria for this list are the attitude towards tourists, tourist experiences, local people’s experiences, cafes and restaurants, cultural life, price accessibility, and the city has to offer as a leisure time for free time.

Well, if you want to see which cities are among the top 10 who meet these conditions, look at the list below:

Barcelona – this city provides its visitors with beautiful architecture and landscapes, top service in restaurants and cafes, as well as a friendly approach for residents to tourists.

Philadelphia – the inhabitants of this city are satisfied with the corresponding prices of basic life products in relation to the standard, as well as excellent public transport that allows every citizen to reach work for 24 minutes, on average.

Manchester – a real place for those who want to socialize with afternoon tea, but also with an alcoholic drink.

Madrid – a city that offers visitors an unforgettable experience in terms of cultural life, as well as restaurants serving a variety of specialties, both traditional and delicacies, at relatively affordable prices.

London – residents say there is always something to be done in London, starting with simply drinking beer in a pub, going to a theater or a museum, and simply walking to shopping centers. The only fault of this beautiful city is that the locals are hard to make, and often the prices are too high for the tourists.

Melbourne – this is definitely one of the happiest cities whose inhabitants are satisfied with the availability of jobs, salary, friendship, and most of the availability of food and beverages.

New York – a city that never sleeps, which offers residents and visitors an extraordinary nightlife and one of the most common cities on the wish lists of those who have never visited. Unfortunately, locals find it hard to make friends with tourists.

Porto – the inhabitants of this city are proud to live there and feel free to be their own, no matter what they do. Also, the night life, including transportation, costs no more than 30 dollars.

Chicago – this city has high scores in every respect: food, drink, happiness, culture and affordable prices. Only, the level of security is not at the highest level.

Lisbon – residents and temporary visitors believe that it is very easy to make new friends in this city, but also to find a romantic partner. The average nightly rate is less than 40 dollars.

Other cities found on this list are: Edinburgh, Tel Aviv, Austin, Paris, Mexico City, Shanghai, then San Francisco, Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Zurich, Beijing, Washington, Bangkok, Moscow, Hong Kong, Miami, Sydney, Dubai, Boston, Singapore and Istanbul.



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