Taiwan – a paradise for every photographer

Taiwan is a Chinese island in eastern Asia with the capital of Taipei. That is, this island is a Chinese province. This Pacific island is 120 kilometers from China, and among them is the Taiwanese passage.

The island is small, but incredibly diverse. The mountains are only 30 minutes away from the ocean, and the ocean is 10 minutes from the city. Everything is within reach due to good infrastructure and high level of security.

The trip will start with Taipei and its trademark, Tower 101. As the tallest building in the city, it acts really impressive, especially at night, but Taipei offers many other celebrities.

1. Ming Qi Park

2. The Coastal of Baduzi

3. Japanese restaurant near Dongmen Mrt

4. The coastal area of Laos

5. New Taipei, the district of Bali

6. Nania’s Rocks

7. Waterfalls Yun Sen



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