South Korea from a slightly different angle, take a look at the incredible resort Shila Yueyu

If you have not visited this country before, we believe that once you have read this article, you will immediately want to travel. With a volcanic mountain in the background and overlooking the sea, Shilla Yew is an incredible 5-star resort offering you the new definition of a perfect holiday.

On one side of this interesting location awaits you peace and relaxation, that is, the famous Hala Mountain. On the other side you have a view of the sea and the sky filled with stars that will hypnotize every traveler and will lead him to want to stay there forever.

This resort offers six different categories of rooms and apartments, which are divided in size and benefits. However, we must admit that every space seems equally appealing.

In this resort number six is a happy number, because the resort has six restaurants that will delight you with the international assortment and local specialties. There is also a special children’s club as well as the beautiful garden Subi Garden.

In this place, the Korean and Western traditions are merged in the most beautiful way possible, and business conferences are also made possible. Business trips in this resort get a completely new meaning.


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