Hidden Paradise in Southeast Africa – Meet Mozambique

Hidden among the charming villages and indigenous huts on the beach of Bara, on the southeastern coast of Mozambique is the beautiful resort of Santidos Beach Retreat. It is ideal for all those who want to distance themselves from the rapid city life and explore the South African region.

Hidden Paradise in Southeast Africa – Meet Mozambique

The excellent location of this resort gives you a sense of paradise for every season of the year, and is located on the almost unexplored coast of Mozambique, where you will be surrounded by wildlife, marine specialties and diverse traditions.

Twelve villas with private pools and air conditioning promise you a wonderful view of the ocean, which will be like a strawberry on the crest while enjoying the sun and cocktails.

If you are a person who is in love with the adventures, then get into one. Every morning diving in the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean, for which you will not surely regret it, because you will swim together with sharks, whales, sea ends and the like.

Other activities include riding a motorcycle and riding a horse on abandoned beaches that are in the immediate vicinity. This resort has a playground and a lovely terrace, and a promising and wonderful gastronomic experience.


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