Corfu Greece , Island of Excitement and Beauty

Corfu , Greece

It was September 2017, i was tired and desperate for holiday to recover. One night a friend of mine writes me that she wants a holiday but don’t know where to go and with who, i just said to her lets go Greece. I didn’t planned where or when, so i went to travel agency and asked about travelling and i found out about Corfu, i did hear before about Corfu that is a good island but i wasn’t interested so much, so i decided why not to explore new place. So i told to my friend we go to Corfu in Greece, and she agreed with that. As we arrived in Greece we travelled with a ship from Greece till the island of Corfu for about 2 hours.


When u first approach the island u can see the town Corfu, from there the island got the name, who was really beautiful with old and antique view. We moved in some little place called Ipsos, small place with a good beach. The prices there were not high, for example i some days i took fast food like burgers and stuff so i paid 10 +- euros per person, and sometimes i went to restaurants and i paid 20+- euros per person, so i think that’s not expensive. And at nights if u wanna go out u have really some cool places, Balkan music international u can go wherever u like.

Glyfada Beach

Now lets talk about beautiful places in island to visit . Glyfada beach If u want really good beach with a golden sands, Glyfada Beach is the best choice in Corfu. Is located just 4 km. Or 15 min drive from the town Corfu. The beach is great the sand is great, good vibes but guys remember this i was in September and there was really hot and i got a sunburn, so i guess if u go there u have to be careful not to get sunburns.


If u guys really enjoy to watch beautiful places, caves, views, then definitely you should go in Palaiokastritsa, its a village in northwestern Corfu. Located 24 km from town Corfu.

The village of Paleokastritsa offers a plethora of local taverns overlooking the blue bay and six sandy and pebbled beaches which are scattered all around the area. Those beaches are surrounded by olive tree forests creating a dramatic yet beautiful scenery.

La Grotta Beach

In a little cove near Paleokastritsa, called “La Grotta” where our beach bar stands here since the 60s. It was built between the rocks from which brave swimmers use to dive. The bar is open all summer long from morning until late at night so you can have an exotic cocktail overlooking the illuminated bay down below.


Monastery of Paleokastritsa

Monastery complex dedicated to Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Paleokastritsa. This monastery dominates the whole region. Built on top of a remote hill, it gives gorgeous view of the island and the sea.

This Byzantine Monastery dates back to 1228, however the current complex, the cells of the monks and the yard date from the 18th century. the Monastery has a small ecclesiastical museum with rare Byzantine icons, holy books and other relics.Inside the monastery, there works a traditional olive oil press, The road to the monastery passes through a forest of olive trees and cypresses.


Hotel Golden Fox

And what i really liked was Hotel Golden Fox, so guys if u want to wake up with a great wonderful view and a swimming pool and bar by your side i would definitely prefer this place.

Unfortunately i was just one week in this island and i didn’t had much time to visit everything there, but if anyone is thinking to go for holidays in Corfu, dont think twice just book and go!!!


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