The Best Way to cure Hell Pain (PLANTAR FASCIITIS) Naturally!

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that is manifested by pain in the heel that can range from mild to severe. This pain depends on the individual and the reason behind it but sometimes it can disrupt the daily activities and become debilitating.

This pain often happens due to inflammation of the flexible band that is under the sole of the foot in the arched part. This condition is often characterized with pain but also stiffness and a burning sensation.

This specific part connects the main bone to the smaller bones on the feet and toes which actually makes the complete arch of the foot. This part of the foot can be damages by improper walking, certain dancing moves, jogging, wear and tear moves and all these factors can influence to the inflammation of this part.

The risk of damaging this part is increased in people who are obese and have excess weight, have higher arches and people who wear improper shoes with improper support.

The situation can be made worse with a small run or just walking to the kitchen. The pain tends to be worse in the morning or after some period of rest like napping and so on.

If suffer from this affliction use some of these natural remedies to help you soothe the pain and solve the problem.


Acupuncture can stimulate the classical point of Kunlun, Sanyinjiao and Taixi that can affect this part of the foot and after 4 weeks of treatment, studies show that the situation was improved.

Splints and Straps:

You can use night splints in order to improve and boost the healing process of the arch. They can help you keep the toes up while you sleep and in a secured position and will prevent the tissue from getting squeezed.

Wear Proper Shoes:

Proper shoe support is very important for the whole posture of the body and to prevent plantar fasciitis. Choose high quality shoes with low heels that have a supportive cushion for the whole foot. You can also buy special orthopedic shoes for this purpose.

Apply Ice:

First let your foot rest and after that apply ice packs for about 15 minutes and repeat the process if needed. Avoid walking long distances when this happens and try to rest the leg as much as you can.



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