The most beautiful streets around the world

Everyone loves the place in which he lives, but everything has its drawbacks, so very often we all fantasize to live in a city that has left us a special impression.

Who would not want to live in a place that is perfectly clean, well arranged, with organized layout of buildings, houses and decorations, with blossoming streets to walk constantly.

Imagine how you would look to live on one of these streets around the world that have special magic and magic every season.

10 places around the world with the most beautiful streets that you would immediately want to teleport and at least once to take a walk:

Ageda – Aveiro, Portugaly

Alberobello, Italy

Brunngasse – Brinz, Switzerland

Burano – Venice, Italy

Grand Rue – Kolmar, France

Hallstadt, Austria

Cherry Blossom Avenue – Bon, Germany

Sheffshuiwen, Morocco

The Shambles – York, United Kingdom

Pretoria, South Africa


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