9 Best Locations for the Winter According to the Taste of National Geographic

Some hate it, some love it, but you can not ignore it. The Queen’s winter is already on the threshold, as calendar and minus temperatures outside.

9 best locations for the winter according to the taste of National Geographic

What do you like most in the winter? For some it is snow, for other New Year holidays and decorating. And some are welcoming the winter season on the beach, by the sea.

What do the 9 best locations look like during the winter period according to the prestigious National Geographic?


Surprised? Japan during the winter period looks like a postcard.


The period from November to April is the best visit to the magical landscapes of Chile and Argentina.



Whether you are in a huge air balloon above the Savannah or you stand firmly on the ground, you will not find such an interesting place as Tanzania in winter.


Convincingly at the top of the list with the best Christmas bazaars in the world where you will feel all the New Year’s magic that you dream of.


Despite the hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Caribbean islands again opened the doors for visitors who adore beach, water and sun in winter, among which the most beautiful is the island of Turks and Caicos.

Vietnam and Cambodia

Swimmers, landscapes with incredible greenery and palm trees and a variety of biodiversity will offer you a unique winter experience that you never expected.


The “House” of the Great Blue Hole, where it stops any worries and peace and quiet come to you, because you will be lost in all the watery and turquoise blue.


During the breeding season in this part of the island, there is a much more animal world per square meter than anywhere else in the world.

Baia California Sur

Everyone who enjoys diving, canoeing and swimming will find the ideal winter location in this exceptionally luxurious Mexican landscape.


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