13 Most Popular Airbnb Villas and Rooms in Europe

Airbnb is a way to finally stay in single-star hotels, but to choose something warm, local, with authentic spirit, whether it’s a room or a whole villa.

13 Most Popular Airbnb Villas and Rooms in Europe

What often add people to their “wish list”?

From Europe, these 13 rooms and villas:

1. France – Villa Amani

A 3-bedroom villa, close to the beach, can accommodate a maximum of 8 people, and there is a courtyard with a swimming pool and outdoor kitchen, as well as a huge garden with greenery.

2. Sweden – a house by the water

Located on a miniature island near Stockholm, this cottage next to the water has a fantastic view and a wooden sauna for relaxation.

3. Ireland – castle in Galway

Castle over 600 years old, restored with original materials.

4. Italy – a lake view

The stack features 2 bedrooms and a view of the water horizon, and the offer includes the use of a swimming pool, a tennis court and a bowling alley.

5. Germany – an Afghan home

There is no TV or water, but it has a traditionally orderly interior.

6. Spain – an apartment in the center of Barcelona

The apartment in the very heart of Barcelona has 3 bedrooms and is the embodiment of the modern life that every young man wishes.

7. Croatia – house next to a lighthouse

Just 25 meters from the sea, built in 1882, you can experience village life in beautiful Croatia.

8. England – Augill Castle

It’s a private room in a castle built in 1841.

9. Iceland – summer house

The summer house is located 10 minutes from hot springs, built in 2010. You drink chilled spring water in it.

10. The Netherlands – a cube house

Built in the 1980s, cube houses are an attraction in Rotterdam. Located in the very center of the city offer 360 degree panorama.

11. Bulgaria – a retro apartment in Sofia

Equipped exclusively with vintage furniture, this station is located 50 meters from the center in Sofia.

12. Austria – apartment in Vienna

Built in 2015, it’s probably the brightest apartment you’ve been staying with, thanks to the glass walls. The terrace is ideal for summer holidays.

13. Poland – a stop in Krakow

The web of the network is what will first attract your attention in this station, arranged with a lot of style.


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