10 of the most populous cities in the world, which even 6 of than are in Europe

When traveling somewhere, in addition to celebrities and fine food, it is especially important to have hospitable hosts who will make sure your stay is incredibly pleasant and memorable.

According to a survey that covered 500 tourist destinations around the world, only 10 were ranked as the most demanding cities. Six of them are in Europe, making the “old lady” the most lenient of all the other continents.

The factors that were included in the research are the staff who welcomes you to the airport, as well as the railway and bus stations, then the level of happiness of the inhabitants, their cordiality, the location security, the tourist facilities, the openness and cooperation of the locals with the tourists, as well as their knowledge the English language for communication.

You wonder what the 10 most precious cities in the world are? Have you been to any of them?

Singapore, Singapore

Stockholm, Sweden

Helsinki, Finland

San Francisco, USA

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Lisbon, Portugal

Tokyo, Japan

Oslo, Norway

Zurich, Switzerland

Orlando, USA



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